Locum insurance ‘roulette’ anyone?

Here at Practice Cover, we see everyone from those who are completely unprotected and vulnerable to those who are too loyal to a current provider to notice they’re paying way over-the-odds for cover.

Which category do you fall into?

We know that healthcare professionals face huge and growing financial pressures -  that's why we review our locum insurance premiums regularly to make sure they're competitive and sustainable. 

But unlike many locum cover providers, when we focus on price we won't cut prices to uneconomic levels to 'buy' your business. Nor will we bump up your premiums once you renew, and that's my promise.  (Does this sound familiar?  What does your current insurer do?)

With GP practice funding falling, locum cover makes more sense than ever...

So – you’re a GP and you’re overpaid. Right?

That’s what the general public believes: that GPs are better off than ever. However we know that NHS funding for GP practices is falling, so what’s the best way to use diminishing practice resources?

Locum insurance is essential now the new revalidation process risks making GP burnout even more likely

So you’re stressed but you’re hoping things will get easier, right?

In fact, the new revalidation process is likely to make things much worse. So what should you do about the increasing amount of stress you’re likely to face?

GPs are already under pressure. In June 2013 ‘Pulse’ reported that a staggering 43% GPs in their stress survey were classified as being at a very high risk of developing burnout.

Let’s look at a 6 partner practice where, until now, they have not bothered with locum insurance as they simply cover for each other.

Then consider the partner I saw the other day who was exhausted after yet another 15 hour day, covering for a colleague who was off sick.

To insure the 6 partners, for £1,000 a week per person, would cost the practice a total of £4,250 a year on our most extensive locum insurance policy. Or they could choose a policy with fewer benefits – but which would still pay out £1,000 a week per person - for as little as £2,160 a year. (You will need to check with your accountant, but this should be tax relievable as a business expense.)

This morning we saw a GP practice which has locum insurance with another, well-known brand provider. Their premium is £19,000 pa.

We quoted for our top policy giving the practice the same peace of mind as they have currently and we saved them over £10,500 a year.


Thank you for dealing so promptly with my needs. It is a great relief to have it sorted out so quickly and efficiently... Once again, thank you for the wonderful service.

Orthodontist, Suffolk

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