Whatever you’re buying for your practice, whether it’s a phone system, vaccines or locum insurance, you’d be right to shop around.

derek trotter webNo-one likes to think they are paying over the odds – particularly for something like insurance which, with any luck, you’ll just put in a drawer and forget about.

So should you simply get the job done and buy the cheapest?

The answer to that is simple: only if you know for certain you will never need to claim.

This is what cheap locum insurance looks like:

  • It excludes ‘…any claim arising from … Planned/Non-fortuitous absences which are any known fact or medical condition which the proposed insured person can reasonably foresee leading to their absence in the proposed Period of Cover’. 
  • It restricts cover after renewal if an insured person has been off work for a week or more in the preceding year even if you didn’t make a claim.
  • The premium goes through the roof if you need to make a claim.

So, buy cheap – and keep your fingers crossed that no one falls ill.

Or buy a policy which doesn’t sell you short when you need it the most!

The choice is yours.

But if you need help or advice that is what we are here for.

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